By Betty Reid Soskin

The Story of Reid’s is the story of many
of the small black businesses that came
into being through the ambition and hard
work of young people all over the country
at a time when independence was the
essential ingredient in the making of a life.
Where Gospel Music is King
Reid's black family owned business has served the Berkeley community since 1945.  We Specialize in traditional, and
also contemporary gospel music, accompliment tracks for singers, ticket sales to gospel events, church supplies,
books, bibles, and we also manufacter choir and pulpit robes. We also carry graduation robes for preschool, and high
schools. You are welcome to come in and take a look at our store, and we also provide phone orders through Fedex.
The Caravans
Vannessa Bell-Armstrong
This is the story of one small African
American enterprise that struggled to
mixed reviews in the American
marketplace for over half a century.

This piece first appeared in December of
1989 in the East Bay Express as a lead
article written by staff columnist, Lee
Hildebran. Ran across it in my files while
searching for relevant material for this
website. I read through it after many years
that have been dramatically life changing
and found it still factual and powerfully “real.”
I would not change a word, nor do I regret
having lived every minute of it.

The second generation of ownership is now
fully in effect. The information age is in full
bloom. Mel died shortly after this story was
written and our oldest son Rick who grew up
behind the counter from the age of 3
months, has now passed on, in 1995. Our
youngest son, David Allen Reid, is the proud
To The Ones We Miss
Delores Barrett Campbell (1926-2011)
Fred Jackson (1938-2011)
Gene Viale (1946-2011)
Mr. Paul Reid was born In 1913 and raised on Sacramento street in south Berkeley.  
He is know for "bringing god into the living room of thousands in the bay area" in the
early 1950's as a religious radio announcer.
The young Reid family experienced all of the tears and triumphs that have
colored the lives of other ordinary black folks, with the essential difference
that the lows may have been the equivalent of those suffered by many
others for reasons beyond their control—while the highs tended to soar
like the mighty eagle! We experienced the full range of human
experience, and survived.
Mr. Reid began his celebrity career at
radio station KRE, with a program
entitled "Religious Gems" which was
started by his nephew, Melvin Reid.
Melvin Reid, founder of Reid's
Records on Sacramento street,enlisted
his uncle's assistance in order to run
both the radio show and the records
store successfully.

Mr. Reid moved from KRE To KDIA
and hosted a program that blossomed
from a once a week 30 minute program
to a daily hour long that aired for 11
years. He was a leader in bay area
Gospel singing  competitions and held
a celebrity-status throughout the area.
When he died in 1964, his funeral was
held at the Oakland Auditorium to
accommodate the 7,000 plus mourners
who had come to pay their last
His affiliation with the radio industry attracted thousands to Reid's Records, which in still
in it's original location on Sacramento street in Berkeley. His memory is kept alive by his
seven children and numerous grandchildren.
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